Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Side Post: Check Out My Chick Scratch on Deviantart

I picked up my paint brush again after so long. This is my latest piece, not the best but it's good for a laugh.

Tier II Transcendence by ~overwritten on deviantART

I think I will be drawing Faith next, probably on a Dwarf priest :D

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Side Post: Thank you for your support!

I just want to take a moment to thank all my visitors for visiting my blog. Holy Fire Spec reached 10000 hits today :)

I know it seems that I went MIA for the month. The truth is I was a little busy IRL. As for the lack of posts, yes it's my fault. A good blogger can manage blog and IRL together, I guess I failed that horribly. -__-

In other news, I sort of quit wow...*pause*. Well, if you ever checked my armory profiles, I haven't logged on since March 2009. That wasn't originally my intentions, but after some careful consideration, I decided that it is for the best. Will this affect my blog? In a way yes.

You see, I feel less credible for the information I post when I don't play the game on a regular bases. I'm a theorycrafting addict, but it's rather hard to justify my opinions to my readers when my toons are all inactive. Even if I have tonnes of numbers and math of back up my claims, there will be doubts. I feel that I don't have rights to instruct people in their style of playing when I'm not subscribed myself. /mumbling

But I like venting about numbers, so I will continue to post even though I no longer play. For all the time I spend on wow forums and such, I should get something right.

And no, I'm not quitting wow permanently, it's just a temporary thing. I'm working to save up tuition and other little things, hopefully I will have a few dollars left for multi-boxing eventually.