Monday, May 17, 2010

Random Post

Cataclysm Alpha talent trees were leaked, but much of it are still not confirmed so I will wait to do my "deep analysis on smite viability" post until more information are present. Also, there is a NDA put in place regarding Alpha information, so respecting Blizzard's decision, I will not discuss Alpha information here until the agreement is lifted. But for now, I just want to say that I like the changes I see so far, very complementary to holy dps, thank you Blizzard.

As for what I'm up to, it's a long story. Circumstances dictate that I continue my break from WoW. But just when I thought that summer might be alright without it, someone decides to hack my account and put a lovely one month subscription on it, with a bonus authenticator that I cannot remove. I spend a week contacting the account/billing unit but they are quite busy so my form was processed very very slowly. In the end, they only recovered linen ( comment) and some herbs for my level 31 mage, the authenticator was not removed, I was slightly annoyed by the event. Why? The problem with the authenticator is that it blocks your access to, where I store other Blizzard games too, such as Diablo 2. I don't have a habit of copying down registration keys, so if my is blocked, I lose a lot more than just my WoW stuff.

The solution? Pay a visit to the Technical Support forum, make a post named "Unauthorized Authenticator, Please Remove" and bump away. With that, the authenticator was removed and my problem solved in less than a day, talk about variation in speed based on method of communication.

Anyway, as some folks might know, I do chicken scratches once in a while. Here's my latest work, completed over the weekend after two weeks of drag. My goal is to draw every priest tier armor in the game. Click on the thumbnail for a larger version. ^^"

Human Priest by ~overwritten on deviantART