Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What Do You Remember About Being A Newbie?

I got tagged by Luthvian over at Polymorph: Pwny on an interesting topic regarding "noobish mistakes" from when we were newbies, so here goes nothing.
  • The first toon I created in WoW was a mage. Been a long time Diablo II player I thought the talent trees mechanics work the same way in WoW as that in Diablo II. That is, you can't respec after you have inputted the points. The only way to respec was to make a new toon, at least that's what I thought. Heh guess what I did when I accidentally screwed up the talent points? Let's just say I know the human starting area very well, perhaps more so than I wished.
  • My first Deadmine trip was fantastic. I think I spend a good four hours in that place? Never really finished in the end.
  • During my second Deadmine trip, I noticed the druid in my group not doing anything but following me around. As both a clicker and a newbie, I guess I had some heavy tunnel vision. Been the aggro monster mage that I was, I didn't realize the druid was a healer until he offered to battle rez me after a wipe. Good thing I kept my mouth shut about him not doing any dps. "Ah so the green ribbon stuff you put on me were heals?" /facepalm
  • I didn't know what a wand does until well into my late 20 levels.
  • I thought you have to empty a bag completely in order to replace it with a bigger bag, so I vendored all my stuff every time I got a new bag.
  • In my early levels, I avoided duals because I thought I'll lose all my equipment and gold. (I blame Diablo II)
  • I didn't know about rest experience until I entered Outland.
  • I thought getting killed by opposite faction members will destroy your experience points and turn your armor all red.
  • As a priest, I healed by clicking on my party's portrait then click on the spell in my cast bar. I healed like this from level 1 to 60 as shadow. It was not until I entered level 70 heroic dungeons did I start to remotely use keybinding. I suppose all that mouse exercise from Diablo II made me a really fast clicker, as no one ever really complained about my healing. Think back, I don't really understand how I managed that. /finger flex
  • I didn't know what a Battleground is until level 30 something.
  • I thought you can only play on one realm with a single account.
  • I rolled a Night Elf priest before making my current one which is a human. I think I spend a good half hour searching for the "Star Shard" spell in my spell book. I died a little inside when I found out that I was not suppose to have it due to priest racials. I always loved Desperate Prayer though.
  • Going into battleground in a wedding dress and a white staff. I figure I won't be targeted as much...
  • I had Warlock phobia for the longest time. See?
  • I didn't know what DPS means, I thought it was another code name for mage.
  • I didn't know what QQ means for the longest time.
  • I once vowed I would always stay shadow on my priest...thought it was authentic or something.
  • I'm a slacker when it comes to dailies, so saving gold for flying mounts is very difficult for me. I didn't have enough gold to buy cold weather flight skill for Woltk for the longest time. The first time I went to Naxx was with a pug. Someone was looking for one more dps in the trade channel. I offered my shadow priest, joined the raid, then realized that I only had 6oo gold in my bag. I told them "brb", and went off to all my alts, shipped all the gold from my bank mule, vendored all items I can find on my alts, and mailed everything to my priest. After 15 minutes, after clearing out half of my bank and vendoring all my TBC epics, I managed to gather 1000 gold with a few extra copper for repair. It was very silly. I was going to keep my TBC stuff for nostalgic reasons, but after a smooth Naxx clear in less than four hours, I guess my last minute effort at gathering gold was not in vain after all. Although I did feel like a newbie all over again, I still am.


  1. I love your last one :D I also slack at dailies, and professions. I never manage to make money from my enchanting.

    and yeah, I couldn't tell you were click-healing us that whole time o.O you really were just that good.

    thanks for participating in our little meme! dont forget to tag people and pass it on.

  2. I also was Diablo player and healed all content at level 60 by clicking, but as a druid, we had only one good spell back then anyway xD Healing Touch

  3. @Luth

    Ops...on second thought, I think I'll sneak pass it this time as I don't really know who to tag. Forgive me.


    Healing Touch? Wow...things are a lot "straight forward" back then I suppose. :)

  4. ..haha. WoW lingo eluded me for a bit too, and your bag thing is priceless!

    Thankfully I was used to key binding because of maplestory :P

  5. I tried maple a few years back but stopped quickly. The leveling/grinding part of it was so hard on my keyboard I thought I might break my keyboard permanently lol...