Saturday, December 26, 2009

Wtf...Really Late

Reflective Shield Proc Surge of Light!

If you don't have this talent in your Smite leveling/solo/farming spec, go to your nearest trainer and learn it asap. And yes, I just found out about this today while farming */facepalm*, it's late but as Ensidia say, "better late than never".

In other news, I'm currently farming for dual spec on my main account using the seven day anniversary subscription given by Blizzard. The new looking for group system is...interesting. In general, the folks from the other servers are skilled. As for my "wtf we got two healer" spec, I received mixed reviews. Some embraced it, claiming they have no problem carrying me with their leet 5k dps. Others...well, let just say the name calling doesn't really stop. "Yo gimp dps, click on Arthus" "L2 queue noob" "Shaman, switch to element, let the disc heal" "I HATE slow runs, WTF?" "/leaveparty" etc etc etc. Surprisingly, most angry comments came from people from my own server...

I can understand the hostility, but those who are often hostile does do pretty good dps so no complains there. I haven't had a party break up so far so the badges are coming in slowly. Nor have I ever gotten kicked via least not for 5 man. The new Gear Score system pugs use to select players make it pretty hard for me to join any 10/25 at the moment. I think my GS's seating at 4400, maybe less.

Dummy DPS:
Peak: 2300
Avg: 2150

Base Stats:
25.39% Holy Crit
2081 Spellpower
8.14% Haste
(1.75 sec Smite)

Armory Link


  1. Greetings! I'm really glad I found this blog. I have been pondering holy DPS for eons, only to be laughed at and mocked and not really taken seriously by most people. It's only been recently that anyone has really taken an interest in the idea.

    This blog has been an asset in my quest to get more information on this path of DPS. I'd like to ask if you could, or would, possibly do an entry on gearing for raids post 3.3. Now that the LFG system is up and running, T9 is attainable, but I question whether it really benefits a holy DPS priest. I'm curious as to your ideas on how to gear.

    Thanks in advance! And great blog!


  2. Thank you for your input. There are several methods of gearing up a holy dps priest and I have some ideas as to how to get that done. The principle is to manipulate "Viability based on Tolerance". There are also a few things to aim for while gearing for raiding: spell hit, crit sweet spot, haste soft spot, mana reg, gem choice etc. I will start drafting a guide regarding this asap, but please bare with me because this kind of guide takes a bit more time to complete. (I'm very careful about posting Smite 101s because I want to make sure each post offers at least some sort of useful insight for the readers)

  3. Thank you! I'll look forward to that. I'm still working on a holy DPS priest, thankfully, my guild is fully behind it. Sorry about my delay in getting back to this post.